Skadarlija is a bohemian quarter in the center of Belgrade. About 20,000 people visit Skadarlija every day.
Skadarska Street is located in the city center, close to the Republic Square. Due to the proximity of the National Theater, there were many actors who lived at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, along with other artists, painters, writers and poets.
The street is about 500 meters long, poorly lit and covered with cobblestones.
It managed to preserve the recognizable old look with the famous bars, which are in the same place for more than 150 years. Some of them are: Three hats, Two deers, The Great Skadarlija, Two white pigeons, A golden pitcher ... The tamburica players are the brand of this street, where events end up in the early morning hours. What makes Skadarlija unique is the ambience of this area and those bars that are not "modernized" in a globalist spirit.
The most important cultural and historical monument of Skadarlija is certainly a white, ground-floor house, of painter and poet Djura Jakšić. The monument was set up in 1990. in front of the number 34, i.e. the house of Djura Jakšić. The bronze monument is the work of sculptor Jovan Soldatović.
At the very end of Skadarlija there is an area known as "atrium". The largest part of the atrium is occupied by a brewery that once belonged to one of the most influential families in Belgrade - the Bajloni family - after them the nearby market was named. At that time, the brewery produced the so-called "Aleksandar" beer, which was unique because the water for its production came from a thermal spring in the backyard of the brewery. BiP beer manufacturer came into possession of a brewery for a while, but soon it was closed. Another interesting thing is that the underground gallery and catacombs are located under the brewery.
Tourists who come to Skadarlija can meet costumed women who sell roses, actors who hold their performances, a fortune teller who looks at the palm, a drummer publishing local news, souvenir sellers. Tourists can enjoy a number of seasonally organized events, among which are very attractive and visited sales exhibitions of antiques.
It is said: who hasn’t been in Skadarlija like he hasn’t been in Belgrade at all.