The area near Surcin was chosen for the location of the new international airport, 18 kilometers west of Belgrade.
Airport is operating from 28th of April, 1962.
He had a one 3000 metre long runway, an airside runway long 3350 metres, the single terminal building that served all of the functions, control tower, big platform for serving the aircrafts and other modern equipment.
Later was built a new building for arrivals, platform for serving the aircrafts was expanded, the runway was extended, and in 1997 was built-in an equipment for category II, and with that the use of the airport was enabled on bad weather conditions.
In July 2005, six most modern airbridges was put into operation, in May 2006 the International Terminal 2 was reconstructed, and from November 2008 the Airport Nikola Tesla works in its full capacity, and in conditions of extremely reduced visibility thanks to the usage of the equipment and procedures for CAT IIIb, which was used for the first time in history of Belgrade airport, on January 4th 2009.
Airport Nikola Tesla is base airport of National Avio-Company Air Serbia, charter airline Aviogenex and airlines Wizz Air, Air Pink, Prince Aviation, Government airline etc.
On Nikola Tesla Airport is also found a Jat Tehnika company, technical base of Aviogenex Airline, Operative department of Air-Traffic Services, Customs Bureau, Airline Air Serbia, Museum of Aviation, Air Serbia and Air Traffic School center, Helicopter unit of Serbian Police, etc.
Code and Airport name
Airport Nikola Tesla

Coordinates 444909.78N 0201825.44E 122° GEO / 1500 m  THR 12
Direction and distance from town 275° GEO, 12 km from main railway station in Belgrade
Elevation/ Reference temperature 102 M / 27°C (August)
Approved traffic IFR/VFR
Time zone                                                             Summer (March-September) UTC+2
Winter (October-february) UTC+1
Work time                                                                00:00 - 24:00
Public Transport:

Mini Bus A1
Ticket Price: RSD 300(purchased in the bus)
Approximate travel time: 30 minutes
- Direction A Slavija square – Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
- Direction B Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport – Slavija square

PTC Belgrade Line 72
Ticket Price: RSD 89( if ticket bought in kiosk), RSD 150(if ticket bought in the bus)
Approximate travel time: 30-40 minutes
- Direction A: Zeleni venac square – Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (04.40 - 23.40h)
- Direction B: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport - Zeleni venac square (05.20 – 00h)
PTC Belgrade Line 607
Ticket Price: RSD 89(if ticket bough in kiosk), RSD150(if ticket bought in the bus)
Approximate travel time: 30 minutes
- Direction A: Surčin - Novi Beograd (Pohorska street)
- Dierction B: Novi Beograd (Pohorska street) - Surčin
Call Center
(+381 11) 209 4000
Flight Information
(+381 11) 209 4444
In case of interrupted connection in fixed telecommunications dial