Botanical garden - Jevremovac

This is the first botanical garden in Serbia, founded in 1874. by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Serbia, at the proposal of Josif Pančić, who was its first manager.
There are about 1,000 plant species in the Botanical Garden, covering an area of 5 hectares, including: Glass Garden, Japanese Garden, library, herbarium, open areas, Administrative Building, auditoriums and labs.
The special value of the Botanical Garden in Belgrade is the Great Glass Garden, which was transported in 1892. from Dresden. The building of interesting architecture, with a central dome and two wings, besides glass surfaces has decorative elements in the iron-like style of Art Nouveau.
The Japanese garden adorns plants from the land of the rising sun. This extraordinary place was made for easy walking and meditation. In the center of various plants lies the lake. It is fascinating that the creators managed to draw water from 90 meters to make these pond natural.
Extremely beautiful area, that combines stone, water and plants in the symbolic arrangement and harmony of the ancient eastern tradition.
The library is one of the oldest in this part of Europe, with more than seven thousand books.
Besides outdoor plants and in a glass garden, more than 180,000 vascular plants, moss and algae are preserved in Herbararium - one of the most important collections in South Eastern Europe. Part of the collection includes the collection of Josif Pančić from 1860.
The open space adorns about 350 species of trees and shrubs, domestic, European and exotic plants, and the total herbal fund today is over 1500 trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.
The Botanical Garden and the Botanical Institute, to which it belongs, represent a teaching-scientific unit of the Faculty of Biology, with more than 1,500 students of elementary, master and phd studies. Since 2007, the garden has been declared a cultural monument in Serbia.
Working hours are every day and weekends, including holidays, from 09-19h.